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Lisa Klotz

Legal Writing Fellow at UC Davis School of Law


Ph.D. English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.A. English, California State University, Northridge

J.D. University of San Diego School of Law

B.A. International Relations, University of California, Davis


Lisa Klotz is a Legal Research and Writing lecturer at UC Davis School of Law.

Klotz has taught Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing to UC Davis undergraduates as part of the University Writing Program. She also has taught Research, Reasoning, Writing, and Advocacy at the University of North Carolina School of Law and Legal Research, Reasoning, and Writing to undergraduates at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As an attorney, she first served as a prosecutor (in Ventura and on the island of Guam). After that, she practiced in the civil litigation defense field on Guam and in Los Angeles, where she researched, wrote, and argued her office's motions and appeals.

Subject Areas

Legal Education, Legal Reasoning, Legal Writing

Selected Publications

“Legal Proof and Probability in Early Modern England.” Evidence in the Age of the New Sciences. Ed. James A.T. Lancaster and Richard Raiswell. Springer. 2018

’Grammatical Laments, Feminine Arguments:’ Unconfessional Inwardness in Webster’s The White Devil.” Cahiers Elisabethains, Vol. 92(1) 50-67. (2016). DOI: 10.1177/0184767816681254. 2016.

“Ben Jonson’s Legal Imagination in Volpone.” Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900. 51.2 (2011). DOI: 0.1353/sel.2011.0021


Selected Presentations

Professional Activities: Seminars and Conference Papers

“Bacon’s Instrument, Coke’s Shield: The Influence of Early Modern English Legal Reasoning.” Scientiae 2019, Belfast, Northern Ireland

“Law’s Malleability: Suspicions, Epistemology, and Performance.” Conference on College Composition & Communication, 2019, Pittsburgh, PA

“Epistemology and Early Modern English Legal Jurisdiction.” Scientiae 2017, Padua, Italy

“Opening Arguments: Introducing Legal Discourse to Pre-Law Students.” Creative Collaborations: Cultivating New Voices from the Undergraduate Legal Writing Community. Conference on College Composition & Communication, 2017, Portland, Oregon

“Is Justice a Process or a Result? The Power of Appeal in Shakespeare’s Henry VIII and Measure for Measure.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, 2016, Bruges, Belgium

“Enchanted Mirrors, Optical Illusions: Early Modern English Literary Perspectives on Baconian Observation.” Observing, Depicting, Disseminating: The Scientific Perspective in the Modern Period, 2015, Graz, Austria

“The Fiction of Certainty: Proof and Probability in Trial and on Stage in Early Modern England.” Scientiae 2014, Vienna, Austria

“Grammatical Laments and Feminine Arguments: Judging Vittoria in John Webster’s The White Devil.” Shakespeare Association of America, 2009

“Venetian and English Criminal Procedure in Ben Jonson’s Volpone.” Renaissance Society of America, 2008

“A ‘Wel Imployed Life:’ George Gascoigne and The Glasse of Government.” Shakespeare Association of America, 2007

“’It Being the Office of a Comic Poet to Imitate Justice:’ Plot and Probability in Volpone.” Seminar, “Plotting, Probability, and Evidence in English Renaissance Drama.” Dir. Lorna Hutson. The Folger Institute, 2006

“’Those brittle evidences of Law:’ Circumstance and Inference in The White Devil.” Shakespeare Association of America, 2006

“’Let My Trial Be Mine Own Confession:’ Measure for Measure and the Standard of Proof.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, 2003