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Passwords can be found in Symplicity in the documents folder or you can contact the Career Services Office at (530) 752-6574 for login/password information for the following resources.

Summer Internship Opportunities

Below is just a sampling of opportunities. Many more can be found in Arizona Handbooks Government Honors & Internship.

Post Graduate Opportunities

Below is just a sampling of opportunities. Many more can be found in Arizona Handbooks Government Honors & Internship or Public Policy Handbook

  • Civilian Board of Contract Appeals -  Law Clerk Program
    • 2022 application period: July 20, 2021 to September 25, 2021, 8:59pm PT
  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute - Graduate Fellows
    • 2021-2022 Fellowship application period: closed 
  • Copyright Office, Barbara A. Ringer Honors Program 
    • 2022 Fellowship application period: August 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.
  • Department of Interior, Office of the Solicitor - Attorney Honors Program
  • U.S. Department of Justice 
    •  US Attorney General Honors Program is an entry-level federal attorney recruitment program
      • 2022 application period: July 31, 2021 to September 8, 2021, 8:59pm PT 
      • August 18, 2021, 12-1: Honors and SLIP Application Tips Webinar - learn more about application tips and ask questions about the programs. You are asked to review the application (available on July 31) prior to the webinar and come prepared with questions. If using the link access code and password should auto populate, but in case: Event Number (Access Code): 199 756 6926 and Password: AppTips2021 
    • Office of the Solicitor General
      • Bristow Fellowship - 1 year fellowship assisting with Supreme Court cases - application period: July 15 through September 1 of the preceding year
        • 2022 application period now open through September 1, 2021
      • Phillips Fellowship - fellowship for students who are serving as federal judicial clerks (2-3 months between graduation and start of clerkship) - Apply through the SLIP program (see internships above)
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of State - Office of the Legal Adviser
    • Application period: Accepts applications from 3rd year students - 2022 application due by September 1, 2021- deadline is September 1st of your 3rd year
    • Accepts applications from Judicial Clerks on rolling basis. Recommends as early in fall as possible but no earlier than 12 months before end of Clerkship
  • Department of Transportation, Office of the General Counsel - Honors Attorney Program
    • 2022 application period: July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021
  • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Environmental Appeals Board - Honors Clerkship Program - not currently accepting
    • Office of Administrative Law Judges - Post-Graduate Positions - no current openings, however, due to the rotational nature of these positions, openings can occur at any time. Interested applicants are encouraged to email application materials, which will be archived for review when there is an opening.
    • Office of Counsel to the Inspector General - Honors Attorney Fellowship - 2021 application not open
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - Law Clerk - 2021 graduates closed
  • Federal Communications Commission, Office of General Counsel - Attorney Honors Program
    • 2021 application period: closed
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) - Legal Division Honors Attorney Program
    • 2022 application period: August 16, 2021 through September 27, 2021 8:59pm PT
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Office of Administrative Law Judges - Administrative Law Clerkship
    • 2022 application period: closes by the end of September 2021
  • Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Competition Entry-Level Attorney Hiring
    • 2022 applications open from July 15, 2021 through September 10, 2021
  • Homeland Security, Department of Office of General Counsel - Secretary's Honors Attorney Program
    • 2022 application period open until September 7, 2021
  • Housing & Urban Development, Office of General Counsel - Legal Honors Program 
    • 2021 application period: closed
  • IRS, Office of Chief Counsel - Honors Attorney Program
  • National Labor Relations Board - Honors Program
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Presidential Management Fellows Program: The PMF Program is an entry level program for recent graduates to get entry level positions with a number of federal government agencies 
    • PMF 2022 Application  opens September 28, 2021, 9am PT and closes October 12, 2021, 9am PT
      • Informational Webinars for prospective applicants are held during the month of September. Webinars are not recorded or published for later viewing. You will want to register in advance as space is limited. Find webinar dates and links to register here.