KHOP Summer Session

KHOP Summer 2022 Group Photo


The application for the 2023 KHOP Summer Session has now closed. Decisions will be sent to applicants no later than the week of June 12, 2023.  

The KHOP Summer Session is designed to equip high potential undergraduate students from underrepresented communities with the skills necessary to excel in the law school admissions process, while also introducing students to current law students, lawyers and faculty members at UC Davis School of Law. The KHOP Summer Session also helps students improve their critical analysis and writing skills through iterative writing assignments and presentations on topics designed by students. The no-cost program consists of a series of full-day Saturday presentations and workshops, and a Friday visit to a trial or appellate courtroom, during the summer. The 2023 KHOP Summer Session will take place on July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29, and one Friday in July to be determined in June 2023. 

KHOP Summer Session participants:

  • Attend workshops on pre-law preparation and law school admissions
  • Attend presentations and panels featuring UC Davis law school professors, alumni attorneys and law students
  • Participate in individual pre-law advising with School of Law Admissions Staff to develop law school admission action plans
  • Complete critiqued writing assignments concentrating on critical analysis and reasoning
  • Spend a day visiting a trial or appellate court to observe live court proceedings

Eligibility Requirements (please read closely!)

KHOP Summer Session participants must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Currently attend, or have recently transferred to, a four-year college with one or two years before graduation OR have graduated from a four-year institution within the past 12 months. Community college students who are transferring to a four-year college or university beginning in the Fall following the KHOP Summer Session program are eligible.
  • Be considered a first-generation college student (no parent or legal guardian has a bachelor’s degree) OR come from an economically under-served community or background defined as having a household income less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher as calculated on a 4.33 scale. Cumulative GPA includes grades received from your current college, prior and current community college(s) and any other college(s) you have attended.
  • Intend to apply to law school, but are not currently in the process of applying for 2020 enrollment.
  • Have not previously completed an outreach program at UC Davis School of Law. Prior applicants who meet the eligibility requirements are welcome to re-apply.
  • Be able to attend all KHOP Summer Session meetings. Note that there will not be a remote option for the 2023 KHOP Summer Session. 

How To Apply

Applicants must complete an online application. We must also receive the following supporting documents via email as attachments. Note that the first four supporting documents listed below may be sent by applicants themselves, but letters of recommendation must be emailed to us directly by their authors along with a waiver form that has been signed by the applicant.

  1. Personal statement: Please discuss how your background, attributes, experiences, interests, or perspectives would enable you to make a distinctive contribution to the King Hall Outreach Program, law school, and the legal profession. Examples of matters to discuss may include any of the following: significant economic, familial, educational, cultural, physical or other hardships and challenges overcome, unusual life experiences, evidence of potential for leadership, demonstrated commitment to serving underrepresented communities, and reasons for your pursuit of a law degree. The document should be one to two double-spaced pages using twelve-point font and one-inch margins, and you must save it as a PDF file. Please name your personal statement file: Last Name-First Name-Personal-Statement.pdf
  2. Résumé : The résumé should be one page and list your relevant educational, extracurricular, and professional experience and accomplishments. Please name your résumé file: Last Name-First Name-Resume.pdf
  3. Transcripts: Please provide unofficial transcripts in PDF format from all postsecondary institutions you have attended or are attending (junior/community colleges, universities, etc). Your name must appear on all transcripts. If you are admitted to the program, official transcripts may be requested. Please name your transcript files: Last Name-First Name-School Name-Transcript.pdf
  4. 2022 Federal Income Tax Returns: To demonstrate eligibility for KHOP, we require financial information. Please provide the first two pages of your 2022 Federal Income Tax return in PDF format. If you were claimed as a dependent on another person's 2022 Federal Income Tax return (e.g., a parent or guardian), submit the first two pages of that income tax return as well. If you, or your parent/guardian, did not file taxes in 2022, submit the 2021 return. If neither your parent/guardian nor you filed taxes in the past two years, submit a copy of your financial aid award letter from the most recent academic year. If neither your parent/guardian nor you have filed taxes in the last two years and you have not received financial aid in the past two years, submit a brief explanation of how you have paid for your college education. Note: Do not send copies of your W-2 forms. Please redact (black out) all social security and tax-ID numbers on tax documents. Please name your tax documents: Last Name-First Name-Tax Document.pdf
  5. Letter(s) of recommendation: letters of recommendation and signed waiver forms must be sent to us directly by their authors. They cannot be submitted by applicants. We require one and will accept up to two letters of recommendation. If you are submitting only one letter of recommendation, it must come from a professor who taught you at the college or university level. The letter should describe in detail your academic and personal qualifications and accomplishments. Letters of recommendation should be emailed in PDF format to directly from their authors, and they must include completed waiver forms.  

For a preview of application questions, please refer to this document