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King Hall General Scholarship (2L & 3L)

The 2021-2022 Scholarship Application period is now closed and all receipients have been notified by email.

Funds will apply to Spring financial aid. Depending on your financial aid package funds may be used to reduce your loan debt for Spring term.  If awarded a scholarship, you will receive a notification of any adjustments.

Direct any questions with the subject line King Hall General Scholarship to:

Scholarship Search (All class levels)

Our office receives many solicitations to post scholarship information on our web site. Because these solicitations come from various entities and it is difficult to discern what is a legitimate opportunity versus a scam, our office attempts to vet scholarship opportunities before adding to our External Scholarship List

It is our goal to provide access to as many scholarship opportunities as possible. Our office has several ways in which we will provide access to current scholarship opportunities:

  • Email blast to class list serve
  • Posting to this web site
  • Access to scholarship search database