Environmental Law Concentration

The LL.M. Environmental Law Concentration Program will offer LL.M. students with advanced exposure to environmental law and help prepare students for practice in the area.  The concentration is awarded upon successful completion of several environmental law related courses and a substantial research paper on an environmental law topic.

Requirements for Environmental Law Concentration

To qualify for the Environmental Law Concentration LL.M. students are required to complete one foundation course listed below and satisfactorily complete 8 units from the Elective Courses for Environmental Law list below including the foundation course units.

Writing Requirement

Students must complete a writing requirement by completing a paper on an environmental law topic approved by Dean Greenwood and/or Professor Morri. The paper may be completed through the LL.M. Legal Research and Writing class or an equivalent independent writing project. The same paper may be used to satisfy the law school writing requirement and the concentration writing requirement.

Foundation Course

Elective Courses for LL.M. Environmental Law Concentration

* Elective courses are offered on a rotating basis. Not all courses will be taught in any given year. Please check the Course Descriptions webpage for current course offerings.

LL.M. Environmental Law Concentration Certificate Form

Upon satisfying the above requirements students should complete the LL.M. Environmental Law Certificate Form and submit the form to Mary Anne Baird at mbaird@ucdavis.edu.

LL.M. Environmental Law Certificate Form