The Aoki Center primarily serves to connect faculty who conduct critical scholarship on issues involving race, immigration and nation with one another and with interested students. In order to do so, the Aoki Center sponsors programs at King Hall and throughout the UC Davis campus. The titles below offer a sampling of the faculty research that highlights the work that King Hall professors and others across the UC Davis campus are doing in race, immigration and nation studies. 

Andrea Cann Chandrasehker, The Effect of Police Slowdowns on Crime, 18 Am. L. & Econ. Rev. 385 (2016).

Gabriel J. Chin & John Ormonde, The War against Chinese Restaurants, 67 Duke L. J. (forthcoming).

Gabriel J. Chin & Rose Cuison Villazor eds., The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965: Legislating New America (2015).

Mary Louise Frampton, After the War on Crime: Race, Democracy, and a New Reconstruction (Ian Haney López et al. eds., 2008).

Angela P. Harris, Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory, 42 Stan. L. Rev. 518 (1990).

Jasmine Harris, Cultural Collisions and the Limits of the Affordable Care Act, 22 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Pol’y & L. 387 (2014).

Lisa Ikemoto, Eggs, Nests, and Stem Cells in Baby Markets: Money and the New Politics of Creating Families (Michelle Bratcher Goodwin ed., 2010).

Irene Oritseweyinmi  Joe, Systematizing Public Defender Rationing, 93 Denv. L. Rev. 389 (2016).

Kevin Johnson, Gideon v. Wainright and the Right to Counsel in Immigration Removal Cases: An Immigration Gideon for Lawful Permanent Residents?, 122 Yale L. J. 2394 (2013).

Thomas W. Joo, Natural Is Not in It: Disaster, race, and Built Environment, 56 Clev. St. L. Rev. 403 (2008).

Courtney G. Joslin, Marital Status Discrimination 2.0, 95 B.U. L. Rev. 805 (2015).

Lisa R. Pruitt, Welfare Queens and White Trash, 25 Southern Cal. Interdisc. L. J. 289 (2016).

Leticia Saucedo, Enforcement Versus Employment Enforcement: The Case for Integrated Protections in the Immigrant Workplace, 38 Fordham Urb. L. J. 101 (2011).

Madhavi Sunder, From Goods to a Good Life: Intellectual Property and Global Justice (2012).