Orientation in U.S.A. Law

For more than 30 years, the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program has served lawyers, judges, prosecutors and defenders, notaries, law professors, pre-LL.M. students and business professionals who wish to gain a better understanding of the theories and practices of the U.S. legal system. The program combines classes, interactive activities (such as moot court), field trips and social events.

Program Topics

The program offers a general overview of U.S. law. It will introduce foreign students, lawyers and practitioners to the main concepts of U.S. law and the U.S. legal system. It is also ideal for pre-LL.M. students who want to gain a general understanding of U.S. law and legal concepts to succeed in their program.

All participants attend core classes daily on topics such as:

  • U.S. legal system (including the court system, the case law system, the legislative process)
  • U.S. constitutional law (including Separation of Powers, Federalism and Bill of Rights)
  • Contracts
  • Torts (civil liability)
  • Criminal law and criminal procedure
  • Civil procedure
  • Property
  • Business associations and corporate law
  • Evidence
  • Legal research
  • Moot court/trial demonstration (simulation of court argument)

Additional topics may include:

  • Intellectual property
  • Environmental law
  • Taxation
  • Securities regulation
  • Law and technology
  • Other timely topics.

This program also includes on-site visits and observations (subject to public health guidance) and social events that will help you connect with other students and build an international network.


This program draws law school faculty from the University of California, Davis, as well as outstanding legal practitioners and experts (such as judges, attorneys, etc.)


July 10 - July 28, 2023


Classes are held at the University of California, Davis, School of Law, subject to public health guidance.


  • Tuition: $3,100* if you apply by 02/22/2023
  • Application fee: $150* (if you apply to multiple programs, the application fee is only due once)

Tuition is $3,200* if you apply after 02/22/2023

*Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Certificates and Credits

All participants will receive a certificate of completion if they attend class regularly.

Deadline to Apply

We strongly recommend enrolling by June 15 or earlier to ensure adequate time for the local U.S. embassy in your country to process the necessary visa for entering the U.S. We have been informed by past participants that U.S. embassies in some countries can take from four to six weeks to process non-immigrant visas (students, business or tourist).

How to Apply

Download a brochure 

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