Summer Programs: Overview


Our summer programs are available to anyone from the legal profession interested in continuing his or her legal education. For over 30 years, we have offered attorneys, judges, pre-LL.M. students and legal professionals from around the world the opportunity to study in our summer programs at the School of Law, University of California, Davis. The following are this summer's highlights:

  • The English for Legal Professionals program (June 27-July 8) is an ideal training ground for learning legal terminology in English. Interactive and supportive, English for Legal Professionals provides excellent preparation for the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program, which immediately follows the English for Legal Professionals Program each summer.
  • The Orientation in U.S.A Law (July 11-July 29) provides an excellent three-week overview of the U.S. legal system. Over past years, thousands of participants from 50 countries have taken part in this program.
  • The Pre-Law Program: Academic Skills and Legal System Overview for Studying US Law (Aug 1st-Aug 12) is  for prospective and incoming LL.M. and international J.D. students as well as legal practitioners who are interested in learning how to succeed in a U.S. legal education environment.

Don't miss these unique educational opportunities to enhance the knowledge and skills you need to more effectively represent clients in the global economy! Apply online or contact us today at or by phone at +1 (530) 752-6081 for more information.