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Faculty Regulation Article II - Examinations and Written Work for J.D. degree 

Faculty Regulation Article II - Examinations and Written Work for LL.M. degree 

Examination Number

To allow the faculty to grade exams anonymously, examinations are identified by an anonymous number system. Students write their examination number on all exam materials in place of their name. The identity of each student is revealed to the professor after exams have been scored. Students must retrieve their unique exam number prior to each midterm and final exam period.  The exam numbers are unique to each student and new exam numbers are issued each term, one number for midterms and one for final exams. Exam numbers are located on the Intranet under the “Technology and Media” tab, and within the “Examplify” menu option. The "My Exam Numbers" link is located in the "Resources" blue banner in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

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Requesting a Change of Exam Date:

Students must be present for the final examination at its regularly scheduled time unless excused by Dean Scivoletto in advance of the exam. Please review the Academic Regulations Paragraph 2.2 Faculty Regulations, so you are aware of the limitations on examination rescheduling, particularly 2.2A(3) which states that exams can only be rescheduled if an unforeseen, extraordinary circumstance arises. Exams will not be rescheduled based on airline or other travel arrangements, even if the tickets have already been purchased. Also, note that the only basis on which an exam can be rescheduled due to the spacing of exams on the exam schedule itself is if you have two regularly scheduled examinations on the same day [2.2A(1)]. To request a change of exam, please complete the Exam Change Request form  and return completed form to the Law School Registrar's Office.