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Course descriptions are available at the course descriptions page.
Please see the course advising page for information on courses, requirements, and recommendations. You may also make an individual appointment with Dean Kulwin to discuss your course planning. Contact the Dean's Office Assistant by email at or by phone at (530) 752-0243 to schedule an appointment. And don't forget to seek out your professors - they can be the best source of advice!

Students who want to take classes outside of King Hall must obtain approval from Dean Kulwin, the Dean of Student Affairs, before registering for the course. To apply, students must complete the Dean’s Approval for Outside Units PDF File, attach copies of the course descriptions for each course the student wants to take and turn the completed form and course descriptions in to the law school Registrar’s Office.

During the summer, you may take courses at other ABA accredited law schools in the U.S. which have summer programs or an ABA accredited summer abroad program. 

  • Students must earn grades of C or better in each course taken at an ABA accredited law school (whether in the U.S. or abroad) in order to have the credits applied to their King Hall J.D. Grades earned in courses at other ABA approvals are not computed in the student’s King Hall grade point average.
  • Summer sessions and each summer course must be a minimum of 3 weeks long.

In order to take courses at other ABA accredited law schools during the academic year, students must be in their 2nd or 3rd year of study and the student’s grade point average at King Hall must be 2.0 or above. The Dean may set a maximum number of credits for the courses.

To have credit applied to their King Hall J.D., students must earn grades of C or better in each course taken at an ABA accredited law school. Grades earned in courses at the other school are not computed in the student’s King Hall grade point average. Only units are applied toward the required 88 units for graduation from King Hall. No more than 31 units from other law schools will be applied towards the King Hall J.D.


Academic forms may be found at the registrar's forms page.
All the forms that can be found at the registrar's forms page which require Dean Kulwin's signature may be faxed, mailed, submitted in person to the Law Registrar's Office, or electronically submitted via email. If submitting via email, the email must be sent from the requesting person's "" address which will serve as an electronic signature in place of the student signature requested on the form. Please fill-out, save, and send the form as an attachment to


You must submit the Dean's Approval for Outside Units form (.pdf) to the Registrar's Office for Dean Kulwin's approval.

You must submit the Dean's Authorization to Exceed 16 Units form  (.pdf) to the Registrar's Office for Dean Kulwin's approval.

No. The ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools prohibits law students from taking more than 20% of a law school's required coursework for graduation in a single semester, and schools are not allowed to “round up” when calculating this figure. King Hall students may not take more than 17 units per semester.

Examinations and Grades

If you are in your first year, talk to your TAs. They are there to help you! You should also consider talking to your professors, Dean Kulwin, and Christopher Ide-Don, the Director of Academic Success. The Academic Success website is full of additional tips to help you do your best. The Academic Success department also holds workshops during the year you can attend to help you succeed in law school and on the bar exam.
Please see the examination information page.
Law School Regulation 3.6: All grades except Incomplete or In Progress are final when filed by the instructor. The petition of a student seeking to have a grade changed shall be referred to an ad hoc committee of the faculty for decision without appeal. A grade may be changed only for the correction of a clerical or procedural error. No change of grade may be made on the basis of reassessment of the quality of a student's work or, with the exception of Incomplete or In Progress grades, the completion of additional work. No term grade except Incomplete may be revised by reexamination. The ad hoc committee shall be comprised of three faculty members, selected by random drawing from the voting faculty (excluding the instructor involved). After hearing the matter and making its determination, the ad hoc committee shall report its action to the faculty and shall thereupon be discharged.
Please see the grades page.
The rank in class is provided in 5% increments based on the cumulative GPA after each semester. In February and July each year, students are notified when their updated class rank is available. The School of Law does not provide individual class rank nor does it post class rank on transcripts. Law School class ranking information is available the Law School Intranet (click on the "Course Tools" tab, then select "Graduation Checklist").

Clinics and Externships

A law student must work with their potential supervising attorney, their law school, and the California State Bar to be certified. Before applying to the Practical Training of Law Students (PTLS) program, as it is called in California, an applicant must first be registered as a law student with The State Bar of California’s Office of Admissions. Law students must pay a registration fee at the time they submit their Application for Registration. To apply for PTLS certification, new applicants must submit four forms to the California State Bar together with a non-refundable application fee made payable to The State Bar of California. Please see the Practical Training of Law Students program page at the California state bar website for more information, including amounts of applicable fees.

King Hall does not have a summer program or summer classes. However, students have two options:

Please see the clinics overview page.
Please see the externships page.

Commencement and Bar Exams

Please see the commencement page.
Please see Bar Exam Information: Overview and Bar & Professional Exams.

Career Planning and Job Search

Please see the Career Services page.