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Faculty Regulation Article II - Examinations and Written Work for J.D. degree 

Faculty Regulation Article II - Examinations and Written Work for LL.M. degree 

Examination Number

Examinations are identified by an anonymous number system. Students write their examination number on each of their answer booklets and on their test question packet in place of his/her name. Students must retrieve their exam number prior to final exams each semester. This examination number will be good for all exams during that semester only. A new number will be assigned each semester. Exam numbers are located at .

Please follow these instructions to find your exam number:

  1. Log onto SISWEB
  2. Select the "Student Services & Financial Aid" menu option
  3. Select the "Registration" menu option
  4. Choose "Select Term" and set your drop-down menu to the current semester
  5. Go back to the Registration menu and choose "Check Appointment Times". Your number should appear.

Requesting a Change of Exam Date:

Students must be present for the final examination at its regularly scheduled time unless excused by the dean. Please review the Academic Regulations Paragraph 2.2 Faculty Regulations  so you are aware of the limitations on examination rescheduling, particularly 2.2A(3) which states that exams can only be rescheduled if an unforeseen, extraordinary circumstance arises. Exams will not be rescheduled based on airline or other travel arrangements, even if the tickets have already been purchased. Also, note that the only basis on which an exam can be rescheduled due to the spacing of exams on the exam schedule itself is if you have two regularly scheduled examinations on the same day [2.2A(1)]. Student must request and receive the excuse in advance of the scheduled examination. To request a change of exam, please complete the Exam Change Request form  and return completed form to the Law School Registrar's Office.

Taking Examinations on Computers

UC Davis offers students the ability to take exams using their laptop computer. ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc., through its Examplify product, provides students the ability to take an examination on a computer by providing the ability to lock down all other Windows applications. Examplify serves as a simplified word processor similar to Microsoft Word for essay responses. For information on installing and using Examsoft, please visit: If you have any questions or problems with the software, please see a member of the IT Department.

Examination Bluebook Review

Most professors do not return examination bluebooks to students. Bluebooks are stored for up to one year in the First Floor Faculty Support Office (Room 1122) by exam number. Students can view their bluebooks after exams are completed and grades are recorded. Bluebooks cannot be removed from the office unless prior approval has been received from the professor. To get prior approval please complete the Bluebook Checkout Form available on this web site under Registrar, Forms.

See regulation 2.3 ARTICLE II -- EXAMINATIONS AND WRITTEN WORK FOR J.D. DEGREE in the Law School Regulations for more information.