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Professor Ikemoto Comments for New Republic on ‘Zombie Religious Hospitals’

News Posted on November 23, 2016

Professor Lisa Ikemoto commented for a report in the New Republic on “zombie religious hospitals,” which appear to be secular institutions but actually are owned by religious organizations that may impose restrictions on various treatments and procedures.  As more and more hospitals have merged, 22 percent now operate under Catholic doctrines that may impact various aspects of reproductive care.

Most of the time, there is little consumers can do about such mergers, Ikemoto said, and even in the nine states where hospital mergers require voter approval, the public has rarely understood their full impact. “Most of these communities are just relieved that their hospitals are going to stay open,” said Ikemoto. “They don’t think about the terms under which that’s going to happen.”

Lisa Ikemoto, Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Law the UC Davis School of Law, has written extensively on genetic and reproductive technology, the regulation of fertility and pregnancy, and race and gender disparities in health care. Her current work examines emerging issues in regenerative medicine, including stem cell research, and the human tissues market.