Research Guides: Study Aid Resources

Introduction to Study Aids

Study aids are another tool in mastering legal analysis; however, they are not meant to replace the required course readings.  

They can be a great place to get a deeper understanding of a topic or help in researching a topic.  They are designed for a law student audience; they can range from simple multiply choice reviews to detailed explanations written by experts in the field or topic. 

Westlaw Study Aids

Current, UC Davis Law School affiliate (current LL.M.s, J.D.s, and law faculty and staff), have online access to range of West Academic Study Aids .  The resources are arranged by class year, academic and career success and by series.  The resource can also be searched by keyword.

 To activate the more advance features (e.g. note taking etc.) a West Academic account must be created first.  This account is NOT the same as the WestlawNext account.  To create an account it is best to be at the law school and use a UC Davis law email account.  After a West Academic account is created, it can be accessed from anywhere.

Printing of Study Aids

Printing one page to a selected range of pages is allowed; however, it becomes limited after the West Academic print quota is reached.  The West Academic print quota is 150 pages in 30-day cycles.  Once the quota is reached, pages can still be printed, but only one at a time, until the next 30 day cycle begins.   Unused printing quota does not roll over to the next month.   

System Requirements

Please note these study aids cannot be downloaded on to eReader device, such as a Kindle™ or Nook®.  However, they can be viewed on mobile devices, but the note taking and highlighting features are unavailable.  

For the best access to the advance features of the study aids, use a laptop or desktop computer.

This is a detailed overview of how to use the features and navigate through these study aids, for further questions, please stop by the Reference Desk in the lobby of the Mabie Law Library

Using Study Aids During Exams

N.B. Please check with law professors before exams about what materials can be brought into exams, as the Law School uses the Softest program by Examsoft, which locks down all other applications. The software also blocks access to the Internet and instant messenger applications, more information is available about the exam software Therefore, the online study aids, and any notes, created in the West Academic account cannot be accessed online during an exam.