Research Guides: Legal Research and Writing Bibliography

The following titles are available in the library to assist in learning the art of studying, researching, and writing in law school.

Legal Research

Title Call Number
An Introduction to U.S. Law KF385 H3913 1991
How to Find the Law KF240 C538 1989 Reserve
Legal Research in a Nutshell KF240 C54 2000 Reserve
Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law KF240 E35 1999 Reserve
An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States KF387 F37 1996 Reserve
Fundamentals of Legal Research KF240 J3 1998
Winning Research Skills KF240 J65 1996
The Process of Legal Research: Successful Strategies KF240 P76 1996
Using American Law Books: Including Online Services KF240 L47 1995
Legal Information: How to Find It, How to Use It KF240 O36 1999 Ref. Res.
Law in the United States KF385 V66 1987
The Legal Research Manual: A Game Plan for Legal Research and Analysis KF240 W7 1986
American Legal Systems: a resource and reference guide KF240 F56 1997
The Lawyer's Research Companion: a concise guide to sources KF240 L37 1998 Ref. Res.
California Legal Research Handbook KFC74 D47 1997 Ref. Res.
Henke's California Law Guide KFC74 M37 1999 Ref. Res.
Legal Research in California KFC74 H36 1999 Ref. Res

Legal Writing

Title Call Number
Professional Writing for Lawyers KF250 J64 1998 Reserve
Clear and Effective Legal Writing KF250 C33 1995
Legal Analysis: the Fundamental Skill KF240 R63 1998
A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method KF250 P72 1994
The Little Book on Legal Writing KF250 D88 1990 Ref. Res.
The Elements of Legal Writing KF250 F38 1994 Ref. Res.
Successful Legal Analysis and Writing KF250 C52 2003
Legal Writing in Plain English KF250 G373 2001
Writing and Analysis in the Law KF250 S5 1999
The Literate Lawyer: Legal Writing and Oral Advocacy KF250 S63 1995
Legal Writing in a Nutshell KF250 S68 1996 Reserve
Plain English for Lawyers KF250 W9 1998 Reserve
Synthesis: Legal Reading, Reasoning, and Writing KF250 S36 1999
Brief Writing & Oral Argument KF251 R4 1999
Introduction to Advocacy: Research, Writing, and Argument KF281 A2 I57 1996
The Legal Writing Handbook: Research, Analysis, and Writing KF250 O18 1998
The Bluebook: Uniform System of Citation KF245 B58 2000 Reserve
Basics of Legal Document Preparation KF250 C83 1997
A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage KF156 G367 1995 Ref. Res.
Drafting Legal Opinion Letters KF250 D73 1992
The Elements of Legal Prose KF250 P76 1999
The Elements of Legal Style KF250 G37 1991 Ref. Res.
Legal Drafting in a Nutshell KF250 H33 1996 Reserve
Legal Writing: Getting it Right and Getting it Written KF250 R39 2000
Legal Writing: The Strategy of Persuasion KF250 B73 1994
Untangling the Law: Strategies for Legal Writers KF250 W66 1987
The Winning Brief: 100 Tips for Persuasive Briefing in Trial and Appellate Courts KF251 G37 1999
Writing to Win: The Legal Writer KF250 S82 2000
The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing K23 C75

Learning how to Study the Law

Title Call Number
How to Study Law and Take Law Exams in a Nutshell KF283 B87 1996 Reserve
Learning Legal Reasoning: Briefing, Analysis, and Theory KF251 D45 1989 Reserve
Learning the Law: Success in Law School and Beyond KF283 F73 1992 Ref. Res.
Introduction to the Study and Practice of Law in a Nutshell KF273 H4 1995 Reserve
The Bramble Bush: On our Law and Its Study KF273 L54 1960 Reserve
Learning Law: The Mastery of Legal Logic KF273 M35 1993
Starting off Right in Law School KF273 N97 1997