Research Guides: Common Abbreviations

A Atlantic Reporter
A. 2d Atlantic Reporter, Second series
A.L.R American Law Reports
A.L.R. 2d American Law Reports , Second Series
A.L.R. 3d American Law Reports, Third Series
A.L.R. 4th American Law Reports, Fourth Series
A.L.R. 5th American Law Reports, Fifth Series
A.L.R. Fed American Law Reports, Federal
Am. Jur American Jurisprudence
Am. Jur. 2d America Jurisprudence Second Series
C. or Cal. California Reports
C.2d or Cal. 2d California Reports, Second series
C. 3d or Cal. 3d California Reports, Third series
C. 4th or Cal. 4th California Reports, Fourth series
C.C.R. California Code of Regulations
CEB Continuing Education of the Bar
C.F.R. Code of Federal Regulations
C.J. Corpus Juris
C.J.S. Corpur Juris Secundum
CA or Cal. App California Appellate Reports
CA2d or Cal. App.2d California Appellate Reports Second series
CA3d or Cal. App.3d California Appellate Reports Third series
CA4th or Cal. App.4th California Appellate Reports Fourth series
Cal. Jur. California Jurisprudence
Cal. Jur.2d California Jurisprudence, Second series
Cal. Jur. 3d California Jurisprudence, Third series
Cal. Rptr. California Reporter (West's)
Cal. Rptr. 2d California Reporter Second Series
F. Federal Reporter
F.2d Federal Reporter, Second Series
F.R.D. Federal Rules Decisions
F.Supp. Federal Supplement
F.Supp. 2d Federal Supplement 2d
L.Ed. Lawyers' Edition, U.S. Supreme Court Reports
L.Ed.2d Layers' Edition, U.S. Supreme Court Reports
N.E. & N.E.2d Northeastern Reporter, First Series and Second Series
N.W. & N.W.2d Northwestern Reporter, First Series and Second Series
P. & P.2d Pacific Reporter, First Series and Second Series
S. & S2d Southern Reporter, First Series and Second Series
S.E. & S.E.2d Southeastern Reporter, First Series and Second Series
S.W. & S.W2d Southwestern Reporter, First Series and Second Series
S.Ct. Supreme Court Reports
U.S. United States Reports
U.S.C. United States Code
U.S.C.A. United States Code Annotated
U.S.C.S. United States Code Service

California Codes

Bus. & Prof. or B&P Business and Professions
C.C.R California Code of Regulations
Civ. or C.C. Civil
Civ. Proc. or CCP Civil Procedure
Com. Commercial
Corp. Corporations
Educ. Or Ed. Education
Elec. Elections
Evid. Evidence
Family Family
Fin. Financial
Fish and Game Fish and Game
Food & Agric. Food and Agricultural
Gov't or Gov. Government
Harb. & Nav. Harbors and Navigation
Health and Safety or H & S Health and Safety
Ins. Insurance
Lab. Labor
Mil. & Vet. Military and veterans
Penal or P.C. Penal
Prob. Probate
Pub. Cont. Public Contact
Pub. Res. Public Resources
Pub. Util. Public Utilities
Rev. & Tax Revenue and Taxation
Sts. & High. Streets and Highways
Unemp. Ins. Unemployment Insurance
Veh. Vehicle
Water Water
Welf. & Inst. or W & I Welfare and Institutions