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Legal forms can be divided into two general categories: pleading/ practice forms and transactional forms. Pleading/practice forms deal with the various stages of the litigation process. Transactional forms deal with the drafting of legal documents such as contracts, leases, corporation bylaws, releases etc. Forms can be found in a variety of publication types: large multi-volume form sets, subject specific practice guides, CD-Rom sets, commercial online services such as Lexis & Westlaw or various internet sites.

Pleading/Practice Forms

Multi-volume form sets
Calif. Forms of Pleading & Practice KFC 1010 A65 C34
Federal Practice & Procedure KF 8840 B37
Federal Practice Forms KF 8836 B45
Am Jur Forms of Pleading & Practice KF 8836 A45 2ed
West's Federal Forms KF 8836 W47
Federal Procedural Forms KF 8836 F4
Subject Specific Practice Guides
Bancroft-Whitney's CA Civil Practice On Reserve
CEB (CA Continuing Education of the Bar) On Reserve
Rutter Group publications (CA specific) On Reserve
West's California Code Forms KFC 68 W38
Various titles in the collection
(i.e. A Practical Guide to Disputes between Landowners)
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Transactional Forms

Multi-volume form sets
Am Jur Legal Forms KF 170 A542 2ed
West's Legal Forms KF 170 W47
Calif. Legal Forms — Transaction Guide KFC 68 C35
Calif. Transaction Forms KFC 68 C34
Subject Specific Practice Guides
Marsh's California Corporation Law KFC 345 .M37 2000
California Family Law Practice & Procedure On Reserve
CEB (CA Continuing Education of the Bar) On Reserve
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