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Alumni of the Month

The Alumni of the Month feature of the UC Davis School of Law website was established in 2015 as a way to showcase some of the outstanding alumni of King Hall. We hope you enjoy these profiles of alumni who are doing interesting and exciting things, or who have made exceptional contributions to the legal field.

Visit us soon to read about the next featured Alumnus or Alumna of the Month!

December 2017
Robin Finch Class of 2001

November 2017
Anel Carrasco Class of 2011

October 2017
Kimberly Lucia Class of 2009

September 2017
Jake Dear Class of 1983

August 2017
Gary Solis Class of 1971

July 2017
The Honorable Nancy Wieben Stock Class of 1976

June 2017
The Honorable Louis Mauro Class of 1987

May 2017
Kenneth W. Babcock Class of 1981

April 2017
Francine J. Lipman Class of 1993

March 2017
Beth Inadomi Class of 1985

February 2017
Darryl Stallworth Class of 1992

January 2017
Jose Castillo Class of 2006

December 2016
The Honorable Alvin M. Harrell, III, Class of 1988; and The Honorable Arlan L. Harrell Class of 1990

November 2016
Amagda Pérez Class of 1991

October 2016
Robert D. Bacon Class of 1976

September 2016
Daniel J. Ichinaga Class of 1983

August 2016
Steve Zipperstein Class of 1983

July 2016
Professor Elisabeth Semel Class of 1975

June 2016
The Honorable Alberto S. Roldan Class of 1992

May 2016
The Honorable Kathleen Butz Class of 1981

April 2016
Angela Oh Class of 1986

March 2016
Daniel C. Girard Class of 1984

February 2016
Amal Abu-Rahma Class of 1997

January 2016
Kara Ueda Class of 2000

December 2015
Grace Arupo Rodriguez Class of 2002

November 2015
Marc A. Levinson Class of 1973

October 2015
Judge Stacy Boulware Eurie Class of 1995

September 2015
Duncan Crabtree-Ireland Class of 1998

August 2015
Sister Simone Campbell Class of 1977

July 2015
David A. Bell Class of 1997

June 2015
Jennifer Rodriguez Class of 2004

May 2015
Robert J. Romero Class of 1988