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Staff Directory

1Deans OfficeKing Hall 2020530-752-0243530-752-7279
2Kevin Johnson,
King Hall 2020530-752-0243
3Madhavi Sunder,
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
King Hall 2020530-752-0243
4Hollis Kulwin,
Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
King Hall 2020530-752-0243
5Brett C Burns,
Senior Assistant Dean for Administration
King Hall 2020530-752-0243
6Academic SuccessKing Hall 2312530-752-3434
7Christopher Ide-DonKing Hall 2312A530-752-3434
8AdministrationKing Hall 2020530-752-0243530-752-7279
9Nina-Marie Bell,
Administrative Assistant, Law School Centers
King Hall 1101530-752-3585530-752-4704
10Starla Bennett,
Executive Assistant to the Dean
King Hall 2020530-752-7225
11Kristina Do-Vu,
Business Services Manager
King Hall 2128530-752-7222530-754-6244
12Angie Eakin,
Financial Assistant
King Hall 2121530-754-9531530-754-6244
13Carolyn ForleeKing Hall 2126530-754-9807530-754-6244
14Lisa Harry,
Human Resources Analyst
King Hall 2020F530-752-4123530-754-6244
15Debbie HicksKing Hall 2020530-752-0243
16Brigid JimenezKing Hall 2020530-754-4339
17Shelley Lopez-Emerson,
Accounting Assistant
King Hall 530-752-1470530-754-6244
18AdmissionsKing Hall 1380530-752-6477
19Kristen Mercado, J.D.,
Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
King Hall 1380E530-752-6477
20Joe Schneider, J.D.,
Director of Admission and Outreach
King Hall 1380D530-752-7637
21Sophie Mills, J.D.,
Admissions Associate
King Hall 1380530-752-4302
22Karen Sewell,
Admission Operations Coordinator
King Hall 1380G530-752-4736
23Samantha Wright,
Admission & Financial Aid Assistant
King Hall 1380530-752-6477
24Alumni Relations and DevelopmentKing Hall 2380530-754-5328530-754-5327
25Karen L. Charney,
Executive Director of Development
King Hall 2380F530-752-6209
26Nicholas Dolce,
Director of Development
King Hall 2380B530-752-1067
27Jin H. Kim, J.D.,
Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
King Hall 2380G530-754-5326
28Katy Facciotti,
Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator
King Hall 2380H530-752-6434
29Faye E. G. VeirsKing Hall 2380A530-752-6058
30Career ServicesKing Hall 1302530-752-6574530-754-8371
31Craig R. Compton, Esq.,
Assistant Dean of Career Services
King Hall 1302D530-754-6165
32Timothy Griffiths, Esq.,
Associate Director for Public Interest & Public Sector Careers
King Hall 1302C530-752-5135
33Natalie Butcher, Esq.,
Associate Director of Career Services and Judicial Clerkships
King Hall 1302B530-752-2209
34Shannon Kahn, Esq.,
Associate Director of Career Services
King Hall 1380C530-752-1980
35Lisa Taylor Carlock, Esq.,
Graduate Employment Specialist & Career Counselor
King Hall 1302E530-752-2821
36Kimberly Thomas,
Manager of Recruitment Programs
King Hall 1302A530-754-5719
37Denise Martin,
Administrative Assistant
King Hall 1302530-752-6574
38Civil Rights ClinicTB 30 530-752-6942530-752-5788
39Clinical Legal Education ProgramTB 30
40Rachel Ray,
Staff Attorney
King Hall 1129530-752-2243
41James Astorga,
Legal Fellow
King Hall 1127530-752-1678
42Mary Anne BairdTB 30 530-752-8045
43Amy Barnett,
Legal Fellow
King Hall 1127530-752-1678
44Lorie CastilloTB 30 530-752-5440
45Martha JaimeTB 30 530-752-6942
46Teresa MedinaTB 30 530-752-7232
47Computer LabKing Hall 2055
48ExternshipsKing Hall
49Sara Jackson,
Director of Externships
King Hall 2310D530-752-3142
50Rena Contreras,
King Hall 1380A530-752-6564530-754-5311
51Faculty Directory
52Faculty SupportKing Hall 530-752-4704
53Linda CooperKing Hall 2122530-752-6677
54Jennifer AngelesKing Hall 2122530-752-6676
55Family Protection ClinicTB 30 530-752-6942530-752-0822
56Financial AidKing Hall 1380530-752-6573530-754-8371
57Shari King,
Director of Financial Aid
King Hall 1380H530-752-6573
58Robyn Reid,
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
King Hall 1380530-752-6573
59Immigration ClinicTB 30 530-752-6942530-752-0822
60Information TechnologyKing Hall 1270530-752-6678530-752-0770
61IT Help DeskKing Hall 1270530-752-6678
62Steven Schwarz,
Director of Information Technology and CIO
King Hall 1270C530-752-4511
63Jason Aller,
Web Application Developer
King Hall 1270F530-754-7344
64Edward Henn,
Database Developer
King Hall 1270F530-752-6675
65Mark Hoffman,
Desktop Services & Support
King Hall 0105530-752-7569
66David Holtmann,
System and Network Administrator
King Hall 1270D530-752-6678
67Mikey KimKing Hall 1270530-752-6678
68International Programs and LL.M. 530-757-8569530-757-8596
69Beth GreenwoodKing Hall 1121530-754-5302
70Cyntia SpencerKing Hall 1123530-752-6081
71Law ReviewKing Hall 0101530-754-7644530-754-5631
72Sue Walther JonesKing Hall 0109C530-754-7644530-754-5631
73Mabie Law LibraryKing Hall 1071530-752-3327530-752-8766
74Jeremy Spencer,
Head of Acquisitions/Circulation, Librarian
King Hall 1239C530-752-3325
75Judy Janes,
King Hall 1071530-752-3328
76Kathy Lin,
Head of Cataloging, Librarian
King Hall 1239B530-752-0327
77Peg Durkin,
Head of Public Services; Reference Librarian
King Hall 1230B530-752-3340
78Reference Librarian Help DeskKing Hall 1071530-752-0210
79Heather Craig,
King Hall 1239530-752-3331
80Aaron Dailey,
Interlibrary Loans
King Hall 1239530-752-0643
81Circulation DeskKing Hall 530-752-3327
82Rosemary DiClementine,
King Hall 1239530-752-3331
83Susan Llano,
Reference Librarian
King Hall 1239530-752-5112
84Peter S. Lust,
Acquisitions Assistant
King Hall 1239530-752-3329
85Elisabeth McKechnie,
Reference Librarian, Eves/Weekends
King Hall 1230A530-752-1916
86Andrew Morrison,
Acquisitions Assistant
King Hall 530-752-3331
87Hours RecordingKing Hall 530-752-0768
88Steve Rosenzweig,
Looseleaf Filing
King Hall 1239530-752-3329
89Rachael Smith,
Electronic Services Librarian
King Hall 1230530-752-3330
90Melanie Uyeda,
Circulation Supervisor
King Hall 1239530-752-3329
91Marketing and CommunicationsKing Hall 2380530-754-5328530-754-5327
92Pamela Wu,
Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations
King Hall 2380C530-754-7173
93Gia Hellwig,
Events Manager
King Hall 2380D530-754-5335
94Joseph Martin,
Senior Writer
King Hall 2380E530-754-5329
95Sam Sellers,
Senior Graphic Designer
King Hall 2380E530-754-5334
96Prison Law ClinicTB 30 530-752-6942
97RegistrarKing Hall 2010530-752-4299530-752-7279
98Courtney HenniganKing Hall 2010530-752-0246
99Veronica ScrivnerKing Hall 2010530-752-2003
100UC Undocumented Legal Services Center
101María Blanco,
Executive Director, Undocumented Legal Services Center
King Hall 1135(530) 752-7073
102Habiba Simjee,
Staff Attorney
103Desiree Fairly,
Legal Fellow
King Hall 1131530-752-2218
104David Gomez,
Legal Fellow
King Hall 1131530-752-2218
105Karina Rocha,
King Hall 1131(530) 752-7996
King Hall
TB 30
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