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Staff Directory

1Deans OfficeKing Hall 2020530-752-0243530-752-7279
2Kevin Johnson,
King Hall 2020530-752-0243
3Afra Afsharipour,
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
King Hall 2110530-754-0111
4Emily Scivoletto,
Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
King Hall 2020530-752-0243
5Brett C Burns,
Senior Assistant Dean for Administration
King Hall 2020530-752-0243
6Academic SuccessKing Hall 2312530-752-3434
7Christopher Ide-DonKing Hall 2312A530-752-3434
8AdministrationKing Hall 2020530-752-0243530-752-7279
9Nina-Marie Bell,
Administrative Assistant, Law School Centers
King Hall 1101530-752-3585530-752-4704
10Starla Bennett,
Executive Assistant to the Dean
King Hall 2020530-752-7225
11Rachel Geier,
Academic Personnel Analyst
King Hall 2020530-754-4339
12Lisa Harry,
Human Resources Analyst
King Hall 2020F530-752-4123530-754-6244
13Debbie Hicks,
Dean's Office Assistant
King Hall 2020530-752-0243
14AdmissionsKing Hall 1380530-752-6477
15Kristen Mercado, J.D.,
Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
King Hall 1380E530-752-6477
16Joe Schneider, J.D.,
Director of Admission and Outreach
King Hall 1380D530-752-7637
17Manuel Alvarez,
Admission & Financial Aid Assistant
King Hall 1380530-752-6477
18Alexis Elston, J.D.,
Assistant Director of Admission
King Hall 1380F530-752-4302
19Karen Sewell,
Admission Operations Coordinator
King Hall 1380G530-752-4736
20Alumni Relations and DevelopmentKing Hall 2380530-754-5328530-754-5327
21Karen L. Charney,
Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations
King Hall 2380F530-752-6209
22Casey Becker,
Associate Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations
King Hall 2380B530-752-1067
23Erin Friscia,
Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator
King Hall 2380H530-752-6434
24Taylor Whitsett,
Associate Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations
King Hall 2380G530-754-5326
25Career ServicesKing Hall 1302530-752-6574530-754-8371
26Craig R. Compton, Esq.,
Assistant Dean of Career Services
King Hall 1302D530-754-6165
27Natalie Butcher, Esq.,
Associate Director of Career Services and Judicial Clerkships
King Hall 1302B530-752-2209
28Sofia L. Parino, Esq.,
Associate Director for Public Interest & Government
King Hall 1320C530-752-5135
29Lisa Taylor Carlock, Esq.,
Associate Director of Career Services
King Hall 1302E530-752-2821
30Alec Nocco, Esq.,
Associate Director of Career Services
King Hall 1380C530-752-1980
31Kimberly Thomas,
Manager of Recruitment Programs
King Hall 1302A530-754-5719
32Denise Martin,
Career Services Coordinator
King Hall 1302530-752-6574
33Civil Rights ClinicTB 30 530-752-5440530-752-5788
34Justine d'Auteuil,
Law Clinic Coordinator
TB 30 0128530-752-5440
35Clinical Legal Education ProgramTB 30 530-752-8045
36Computer LabKing Hall 2055
37ExternshipsKing Hall
38Dena Bauman,
Director of Externship Programs
King Hall Room 2127530-752-3142
39Rena Contreras,
King Hall 1380A530-752-6564530-754-5311
40Faculty SupportKing Hall 1122530-754-6201530-752-4704
41Linda CooperKing Hall 2122530-752-6677
42Tessa BryceKing Hall 1122
43Vivian Nguyen,
Faculty Support Assistant
King Hall 1122(530) 752-6676
44Family Protection ClinicTB 30 530-752-6532530-752-0822
45Lorie Castillo,
Administrative Assistant
TB 30 0115530-752-6532
46Financial AidKing Hall 1380530-752-6573530-754-8371
47Montré Everett,
Director of Financial Aid
King Hall 1380H530-752-6573
48Ronnie Lewis,
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
King Hall 1380530-752-6573
49Financial ServicesKing Hall 2121
50Kristina Do-Vu,
Budget and Fiscal Officer
King Hall 2128530-752-7222530-754-6244
51Felicia Fong,
Financial Assistant
King Hall 2121530-754-9531530-754-6244
52Kelly Hunt,
Business Transaction Assistant
King Hall 2121530-752-1470
53Crystal Yang,
Financial Assistant
King Hall 2121530-754-9807530-754-6244
54Immigration Law ClinicTB 30 530-752-6942530-752-0822
55Martha Jaime,
Administrative Assistant
TB 30 0117530-752-6942
56Information TechnologyKing Hall 1270530-752-6678530-752-0770
57IT Help DeskKing Hall 1270530-752-6678
58Steven Schwarz,
Director of Information Technology and CIO
King Hall 1270C530-752-4511
59Benjamin Bixby,
Web Applications Developer
King Hall 1270F530-754-7344
60Edward Henn,
Database Developer
King Hall 1270F530-752-6675
61Mark Hoffman,
Desktop Services & Support
King Hall 0105530-752-7569
62David Holtmann,
System and Network Administrator
King Hall 1270D530-752-6678
63Jennifer Yohn,
IT Support Specialist
King Hall 1270530-752-6678
64International Programs and LL.M. 530-757-8569530-757-8596
65Adriana Aguena,
International Recruiter and Program Coordinator
King Hall
66Kate AscheKing Hall 1127530-757-8625
67Mary Anne Baird,
Program Coordinator
King Hall 530-752-5440
68Arisah Donovan,
Program Assistant
King Hall
69Beth GreenwoodKing Hall 1121530-754-5302
70Johann MorriKing Hall 1127530-757-8625
71Helen Rho,
LL.M. Admissions Officer
King Hall 530-752-6081
72Law ReviewKing Hall 0101530-754-7644530-754-5631
73Sue Walther JonesKing Hall 0109C530-754-7644530-754-5631
74Mabie Law LibraryKing Hall 1071530-752-3327530-752-8766
75Judy Janes,
King Hall 1071530-752-3328
76Reference Librarian Help DeskKing Hall 1071530-752-0210
77Alyssa Thurston,
Senior Research Law Librarian
King Hall 1230B530-752-3330
78Kristin Brandt ,
Research Law Librarian
King Hall 530-754-1559
79Elisabeth McKechnie,
Senior Research Law Librarian
King Hall 1230A530-752-1916
80Stephanie Chavez,
Research Law Librarian
King Hall 1239530-752-4585
81Heather Craig,
King Hall 1239530-752-3331
82Aaron Dailey,
Interlibrary Loans
King Hall 1239530-752-0643
83Circulation DeskKing Hall 530-752-3327
84Rosemary DiClementine,
King Hall 1239530-752-3331
85David Holt,
Senior Research Law Librarian
King Hall 1230530-752-5112
86Andrew Morrison,
Acquisitions Assistant
King Hall 530-752-3331
87Theodore Pitts,
Collections and Metadata Librarian
King Hall 1239D530-752-3325
88Steve Rosenzweig,
Looseleaf Filing
King Hall 1239530-752-3329
89Melanie Uyeda,
Circulation Supervisor
King Hall 1239530-752-3329
90Marketing and CommunicationsKing Hall 2380530-754-5328530-754-5327
91Kelley Weiss,
Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations
King Hall 2380C530-754-7173
92Onell Berrios,
Events Manager
King Hall 2380D530-754-5335
93Robyn Fulton,
External Relations Specialist
King Hall 2380A530-752-6058
94Carla Meyer,
Senior Writer
King Hall 2380E530-754-5329
95Jose Perez,
Multimedia Specialist
King Hall 2380E530-754-5334
96RegistrarKing Hall 2010530-752-4299530-752-7279
97Courtney HenniganKing Hall 2010530-752-0246
98Cyntia SpencerKing Hall 2010530-752-2003
99UC Immigrant Legal Services Center
100María Blanco,
Executive Director
101Vivek Mittal,
Managing Attorney
102Rachel Ray,
Managing Attorney
(530) 761-8026
103Habiba Simjee,
Staff Attorney
104Anna Manuel,
Staff Attorney and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
105Damian Caravez,
Legal Fellow
106Alfonso Maldonado-Silva,
Staff Attorney
107Lucero Chavez Basilio,
Staff Attorney
108Karina Rocha,
Paralegal Office Manager
109Jennifer Angeles,
Legal Secretary
110Gloria Carolina Chong,
Legal Fellow
111Ian Dougherty,
Legal Fellow
112Andres Lemons,
Staff Attorney
113Lorena Rosas,
DACA Program Associate
114Water Justice ClinicTB 30 530-752-6943530-752-0822
King Hall
TB 30
TB 31