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Swearing-In Ceremony Honors King Hall Class of 2016

News Posted on December 9, 2016

Members of the UC Davis School of Law Class of 2016 returned to King Hall on December 2 to celebrate passing the California State Bar Examination and to participate in a Swearing-In Ceremony marking their acceptance to the state and federal bar. The event included remarks from Dean Kevin R. Johnson, Justice Kathleen Butz ’81 of the California Court of Appeal, Third District, U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of California Troy L. Nunley, and King Hall Alumni Board President Alberto Roldan '92.

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Dean Johnson welcomed the attendees and congratulated the alumni who recently passed the bar exam. “This is a very special day—one of my favorite days of the entire year,” he said. “You will soon complete that journey you started a few years back, and you’ll soon be fully licensed lawyers.  It’s been a long journey, but in the larger scheme of things I think you will look back fondly at the time you spent becoming lawyers. As you do so, please don’t forget UC Davis School of Law.”

Dean Johnson introduced Justice Butz, who in her brief remarks before administering the state oath recalled how she was eager to return to reading for pleasure after her years of legal studies at King Hall. She suggested writing and reading for pleasure as a means for the recent graduates to maintain a good work-life balance and to “appreciate the power of language.”

“Your career in law will offer you front row seats on real life difficulties, anxiety-producing emotions of your clients, and innumerable problem-solving challenges,” she said. “Our knowledge, understanding, compassion, curiosity, and empathy can be enhanced from reading the great authors.”

Judge Nunley also made brief remarks before administering the federal oath, talking about the importance of law as a means of addressing “some of the greatest injustices in society” and encouraging the new attorneys to live up to the highest standards of their profession.

“The words that you utter here are not hollow words,” said Nunley. “You make an oath and swear to support the Constitution of the United State and the California Constitution.  That oath has to mean something because behind that oath is the hope and promise of America.”

Alberto Roldan, an Administrative Law Judge with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, spoke last, encouraging the alumni to be active in the legal community and to remain connected to King Hall.

“Loop back and be part of the community here,” Roldan said. “We always need the support of individuals who come to help us with the various competitions and groups that we have here at the School of Law. Congratulations, be excellent colleagues, and make us proud of King Hall!”