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Edward L. Barrett Jr. Lecture ft. Michele Bratcher Goodwin, Chancellor's Professor, UC Irvine

Wednesday, Nov. 6

Room 1001, King Hall
12:15 PM – 1:15 PM


In Policing the Womb, Michele Goodwin's forthcoming book, she explores how states increasingly abuse laws and infringe on women's rights in an alarming effort to police them and their pregnancies. Professor Goodwin examines the impact of these often arbitrary laws which can result in the punishment, incarceration, and humiliation of women, particularly poor women and women of color. Frequently based on unscientific claims of endangering a fetus, these laws allow extraordinary powers to state authorities over reproductive freedom and pregnancies. In this book, Michele Goodwin discusses real examples of women whose pregnancies have been controlled by the law and what has led to the United States being the deadliest country in the developed world for a woman to be pregnant.

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