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Edward L. Barrett, Jr., Lecture on Constitutional Law

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Kalmanovitz Appellate Courtroom, room 1001, King Hall
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Reception to Follow Lecture
Free and Open to the Public


Guy-Uriel Charles
Professor of Law and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
Duke University School of Law

"Race, Exit and the Voting Rights Act"

For fifty years, the Voting Rights Act represented a distinctive and successful approach to addressing racial equality in voting, an approach constructed from the iron fillings of the civil rights movement. In Shelby County v. Holder, the Court struck down two of the most important provisions of the Act and signaled the end of a particular way of understanding voting rights law and policy. In this lecture, Professor Charles will address two questions that are critical for voting rights academics and activists. First, what has been the key to the success of the voting rights model in the last fifty years? Second, where should voting rights law and policy go from here? 
Guy-Uriel Charles is the founding director of the Duke Law Center on Law, Race and Politics. He is an expert in and frequent public commentator on constitutional law, election law, campaign finance, redistricting, politics, and race.
This lecture honors the life of Edward L. Barrett, Jr., founding dean of UC Davis School of Law and renowned constitutional law scholar, for whom the lecture series is named.
MCLE Credit Available

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