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Reunion Committees

If you are interested in joining the reunion committee for your class, contact Casey Becker at

Class of 1970

Steve Frank, chair
Clarissa Bronson
Mike LaSalle
Bob Mallory
Nat Sterling
Nick Van Male

Class of 1975

Albert Balingit
Toso Himel
Elisabeth Semel
Michael Van Horne
Fernando Zazueta

Class of 1980

Bob Burnside
Stella Connell Levy
Bob Mendez
Larry Miles
Doug Mirell

Class of 1985


Class of 1990

Robin Brandes-Gibbs
Irene Tresser

Class of 1995

Antoinette Hewitt
Diane Newman 

Class of 2000


Class of 2005


Class of 2010


Class of 2015

Hayes Hyde