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News Posted on August 21, 2013

UC Davis School of Law Enrolls 209 New Students for 2013-14 Academic Year

UC Davis School of Law has enrolled a robust total of 209 new students for the 2013-14 academic year, including 143 first-year Juris Doctorate candidates, 11 second-year transfer students, and 55 LL.M. candidates.

(All figures are current as of August 21, 2013, but are subject to change as classes begin and enrollment is finalized.)

Dean Kevin R. Johnson said the total number was impressive, especially at a time when law school applications are down nationwide and many law schools are struggling to maintain class sizes. "Two hundred and nine new students is a very good number for King Hall," he said.

UC Davis School of Law has enrolled about 200 new students each fall throughout most of its four decades of existence.  Although the number of incoming J.D. candidates is lower than usual for 2013-14, the number of LL.M. candidates increased more than 50 percent -- from 36 in 2012-13 to an expected 55 for the coming year.  Similarly, King Hall saw an increase in transfer students, from eight last year to 11 in 2013-14.  

"While, like almost all law schools, King Hall had fewer 1L applicants this year than in the recent past, resulting in a smaller incoming class of J.D. candidates, this has been offset to a significant degree by the strength of our LL.M. program and the students transferring here from other law schools so that the total number of new students is very close to what we have always had."