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420 Civil Rights Clinic (2 to 6)

 This clinic provides practical experience in providing legal services to indigent clients who have filed civil rights actions in state and federal trial and appellate courts. Students work on clinic cases under the supervision of the clinic director. Students are required to follow the clinic office procedures and to employ skills such as interviewing, counseling, research, writing, negotiating, taking and defending depositions, and possibly oral and trial advocacy. Students are certified to appear in court. Each unit of clinic credit assumes four hours of work per week. In any one semester, a minimum of two units (eight hours) of clinic work is required; this clinic work is required in addition to any credit received in the skills component of this program.

Prerequisite: Prior or concurrent enrollment in 219 Evidence.
Graduation Requirements: Counts towards Professional Skills Requirement.
Class limit: 12 students.

This course was offered: