Recent UC Davis Law Graduates Find Remarkable Success in Job Market

Recent UC Davis School of Law graduates have found exceptional success on the employment front. More than 90 percent of the Class of 2021 secured legal jobs within 10 months of graduation. The Class of 2022 is off to a stellar start, with 84% of graduates finding full-time legal work within a few months of graduation.

The employment rate in August for the just-graduated class is “the highest I have seen in my 11 years at the law school,” UC Davis Law Assistant Dean of Career Services Craig Compton said.

Career Services recognized a strong market for entry-level attorneys over the past year and “aggressively promoted these opportunities to students,” Compton said, while also reaching out to more employers.

Employer participation in last year’s Virtual Fall On-Campus Interview (OCI) and Résumé Collection program increased by nearly 20%. Compton also attributes the increase in post-bar hiring to UC Davis Law’s Small and Midsize Firm Fair, which has tripled in size since its introduction eight years ago, and its popular Public Interest and Government Job Fair.

More than 140 employers have signed up to participate in the fall 2022 recruiting season, with more than 100 additional employers expected for the Small and Midsize Firm and Public Interest and Government job fairs later this semester.

“I believe our strong employment outcomes are a reflection of our highly engaged and accomplished student body and our office’s comprehensive efforts to introduce these great students to employers,” Compton said.

In September, Career Services will begin meeting individually with first-year students to discuss career goals and options. The office will present programs for all students on topics including video interviewing and networking.

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