NBC, KQED, Other Media Seek Professor Ikemoto's Expertise Regarding Roe

Professor Lisa Ikemoto, a leading expert in the area of reproductive rights, spoke to national and local media outlets regarding the implications of the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade.

NBC News quoted Ikemoto in a May 9 story on the perpetuation of Asian stereotypes invoked in passing sex-selective abortion bans, and fears more such bans could be implemented, further threatening reproductive freedoms amid a Roe reversal, if it occurs.

Ikemoto answered Capital Public Radio news anchor Randol White’s questions about the leaked draft and Roe’s future in a May 4 Q&A. Ikemoto returned to Cap Radio for a May 16 joint interview with Professor Courtney Joslin on Insight with Vicki Gonzalez. Ikemoto and Joslin also appeared together for a May 12 “UC Davis Live” livestream event on Roe.

Ikemoto also spoke about Roe to the National Journal, Sacramento’s CBS13 television news, San Francisco’s KCBS Radio, Natalia Navarro of San Francisco public radio station KQED and Gerardo Zavala of the Woodland Daily Democrat.

Lisa Ikemoto, Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law at UC Davis School of Law, has written extensively on genetic and reproductive technology, the regulation of fertility and pregnancy, and race and gender disparities in health care. Her current work examines emerging issues in regenerative medicine, including stem cell research, and the human tissues market.

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