'Marketplace,' USA Today Quote Senior Associate Dean Afsharipour on Elon Musk and Twitter

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Afra Afsharipour spoke to Marketplace and USA Today about billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s attempt to end his planned $44 million deal to buy Twitter. 

Afsharipour told Marketplace that Musk will have a hard time walking away from the Twitter deal without paying a $1 billion breakup fee. In the USA Today story, centered on previous takeover agreement exit attempts, Afsharipour discussed LVMH’s effort to pull out of an eventually completed deal to buy Tiffany. 

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor Afra Afsharipour’s areas of research include comparative corporate law and governance, mergers and acquisitions, and transactional law.  Her scholarship has appeared in numerous law reviews, including the Columbia Law Review, the Minnesota Law Review, the Vanderbilt Law Review, and the UC Davis Law Review.   

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