Law Making and Law Changing in the Nation's Capital

This seminar is the companion seminar to the Washington UC-DC Externship and is designed to enhance the externship experience in three principal ways:

  1. Teach students about the process of federal lawmaking directly from leading government lawyers, lobbyists, public interest advocates, and journalists.
  2. Allow students to explore new career opportunities unique to the lawyering in Washington as they enhance their skill sets for success in any career path.
  3. Have students investigate the unique roles of lawyers in making and changing federal law and policy.
    Class sessions generally include guest speakers and class discussion based on students' questions submitted in advance. Part of each session will be devoted to a "grand rounds"-style exchange to facilitate peer-to-peer learning about lawyering at the broad range of externship sites. Each student will write a final paper, typically on a legal topic selected in consultation with the instructor and the externship supervisor for educational value and salience to the office. The final classes of the term will be devoted to presentation of papers in progress. Each student will make detailed written comments on one fellow student's draft paper, and where possible will share those comments as a discussant when that paper is presented in class. A sample syllabus for the seminar is available.
Advanced Writing
Professional Skills
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Unit 16