Family Protection Clinic

Each student is required to enroll for two semesters, receiving four units each semester for total of eight units. Students represent low-income persons in family law and related matters arising out of situations involving family violence. Students are supervised by the staff attorney at the clinic's office. The clinic begins with an intensive 3-day seminar during one of the first weekends of fall semester, eight hours each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, focusing on domestic violence and office procedures. Subsequent two-hour seminars are held throughout the year, with approximately 12 seminars being held fall semester and 3 spring semester. Clinical component: Each student performs 10 hours of clinical work per week during the fall semester and 12 hours per week during the spring semester. Under the supervision of the staff attorney, each student represents clients in seeking restraining orders , child custody and visitation, child support, dissolution, and property division. Students also assist clients in obtaining health care services, housing, and public benefits.

Prerequisite: Prior or concurrent enrollment in Law 219 Evidence. Prior or concurrent enrollment in Law 272, Family Law, and Law 263A Trial Practice is recommended.
Graduation Requirements: Counts towards Professional Skills Requirement.
Class limit: 10 students.
Advanced Writing
Professional Skills
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Unit 16