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BLSA Dinner at the Home of Professor Lewis

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Oct 1, 2015

We had a wonderful Black Law Students Association (BLSA) dinner at Professor Evelyn Lewis’s lovely home last night.  A large group of faculty, students, staff, and alums celebrated the beginning of the new year. 

Professor Lewis graciously welcomed the students, with special instructions to the first year BLSA students that we all were there to represent the entire faculty’s support in helping them excel in law school.  It was a cool fall-like night with much good cheer and enthusiasm in the air.  Among the faculty in attendance were Associate Dean Madhavi Sunder, Professors Jasmine Harris, Clay Tanaka, Floyd Feeney, Larry Green, Brian Soucek, Jack Chin, Margaret Johns, and Tom Joo, some with family.  Assistant Dean of Admissions Kristen Mercado, Director of Financial Aid Shari King, Assistant Dean for Career Services Craig Compton, Academic Success Director Chris Ide-Don, also were in attendance. My superstar research assistant from last year, Laraya Parnell ’15, joined the festivities.

Thanks to Professor Lewis and the students of BLSA for a wonderful evening.

Chancellor's Reception for New Faculty

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Sep 30, 2015

It was an amazingly beautiful evening reception for the new UC Davis faculty at the residence of Chancellor Linda P.B. Katahi and Spyros Tseregounis.  Each year, the Chancellor opens up her home to welcome the new faculty on campus.  I was pleased and proud to introduce King Hall's newest additions, Professors Bill Dodge and Jasmine Harris, to Chancellor Katehi and Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph Hexter and a number of campus leaders.  The Chancellor gave inspiring remarks about how the new faculty were the future of UC Davis while Provost Hexter expressed his enthusiasm for the new faculty joining a warm, welcoming, and vibrant intellectual community.  This annual event is always a wonderful way to kick off the new year, and this year's reception was no different.

College Football, Bill Mantle '74, and Oski

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Sep 29, 2015

UC Davis School of Law alum Bill Mantle '74 is dedicated Aggie. He joined us for King Hall's annual tailgate BBQ at a UC Davis football game last fall. Bill, a longtime resident of Seattle, has also become a University of Washington football fan.

Over the weekend, we were e-mailing while he was attending the hard-fought California vs. Washington football game at Husky Stadium. (As a Cal alum, I have been known to follow Cal sports.) Good spirit as he is, Bill sent me a picture of Oski the Bear, the famous Cal mascot. It made my day! 


By the way, Cal won the game with a final score of 30-24. :)