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Student life at UC Davis is full of endless possibilities.

Students enjoy a wide variety of activities, from hanging out with friends at an outdoor café to joining other UC Davis students for campus lectures or recreational activities. They can work out at the state-of-the-art fitness center at the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), create works of art at the Craft Center, and join the Experimental College and other organizations for a diverse range of activities. On campus and in town, students enjoy rock-climbing, dancing, bicycling, golf, tennis, racquetball, jogging, hiking, swimming at the campus pool, aerobics classes, weight training, martial arts, bowling, and more. In the evening, the campus and surrounding region provide opportunities to go dancing and attend musical performances, movies and sporting events such as UC Davis and professional basketball, football, baseball and soccer games. Attending the local Sacramento Kings NBA basketball games is a popular activity among students. In addition, students often take short trips to visit historic and scenic sites throughout the state.

Please visit the links above for things to do on campus, in Davis, and across Northern California. There's something for everyone!


Davis has a mild Mediterranean climate with cool weather in the fall, winter and spring months. Summers are hot and dry during the day and comfortably cool and breezy in the evening.


July - September
Hot and sunny
Average Daytime High 91°F (32.6°C)
Average Overnight Low 54.6°F (12.6°C)


October - December
Warm days, cool nights, occasional showers
Average Daytime High 65.6°F (18.6°C)
Average Overnight Low 41.6°F (5.3°C)


January - March
Cool and occasionally rainy
Average Daytime High 59.3°F (15.3°C)
Average Overnight Low 39.6°F (4.3°C)


April - June
Warm days, cool nights, some showers
Average Daytime High 80°F (26.6°C)
Average Overnight Low 50°F (10°C)