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Maintaining and enhancing your health is essential for the successful pursuit of your goals at King Hall and beyond. The UC Davis Wellness Portal contains campus resources to help you stay well, including medical, mental health, substance abuse, and other wellness programs and services. 

Counseling Services for Law Students

The School of Law and Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) offers law students several options for free and confidential, short-term individual counseling services on campus, as well as off campus options for more frequent or longer-term services.

On campus individual counseling services:

Psychologist embedded at the School of Law:  Dr. Margaret Lee is the law school’s in-house psychologist. She is available by appointment only, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00pm, and has an office conveniently located by Mabie Law Library. To make an appointment, contact her directly at, and include all of your available open times for an appointment. This will facilitate obtaining a timely appointment.

At your initial appointment, Dr. Lee will talk with you about your counseling needs and recommend a course of treatment. She can also make a referral for you to see an outside therapist using your SHIP insurance, or with a Case Manager who will help you find a therapist in the community regardless of your insurance.

Counselor at North Hall: Some law students might prefer to meet with a counselor outside of King Hall, for greater privacy/anonymity, choice of therapist or availability. For an appointment with an SHCS counselor at North Hall, at the main Counseling Services center, call 530-752-0871, or visit Counseling Services

Off campus individual counseling services:

  • For students with SHIP insurance: You will need a referral from an SHCS counselor (such as Dr. Lee) or physician in order to use your SHIP insurance to see a psychotherapist in the surrounding community external to UC Davis. Students will need to pay a $5 copay to the provider for each session.
  • For students with private insurance: Check and see that your health insurance covers mental health services by calling the member services phone number at the back of your insurance card, or signing into their online portal. You can find a list of in-network providers either on your insurance company’s website or by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card for mental health services.
  • If you need help finding an outside therapist, Dr. Lee can make an appointment with a SHCS Case Manager to help navigate the system, regardless of your insurance.


Urgent Mental Health Needs: Acute counseling care services are available on a walk-in basis, for same-day evaluation and treatment of crisis care needs, at two SHCS locations: North Hall and the Student Health and Wellness Center (first floor).

Online Counseling Services: Free online video conferencing counseling services are available to UC Davis students:

Psycho-educational and wellness programs are provided throughout the academic year, and when requested by students, faculty and staff. Examples of programming include the Mindfulness & Law Workshop, weekly meditation sessions, and lunchtime lectures on such topics as managing stress, imposter phenomenon, utilizing strengths of introversion, managing vicarious trauma, and how to recognize and respond to students in distress.

Wellness Room at King Hall

King Hall students who want a quiet space to relax can visit the Wellness Room (Room 2255) where students can practice yoga and meditation, stretch, pray, or simply unwind. 

Lawyer Assistance Program, State Bar of California

Other wellness and assistance programs, specific to the law profession are provided at the State Bar of California's Lawyer Assistance Program website. This site includes self-assessment tests for anxiety and depression. While these tests cannot substitute for a professional evaluation, they can help determine if you should receive a thorough professional assessment regarding depression, anxiety, or the use of alcohol or drugs.

Student Disability Center

The Student Disability Center (SDC) offers advising, assistance and resources to students with physical, communicative, or learning disabilities, as well as for temporary impairments. Learn more about services and accessibility at our Student Disability Center page.