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6.3 Examinations, Written Work, and Grades

  1. Unless otherwise provided in this Article, all provisions in Articles II and III regarding examinations, written work, and grades applicable to J.D. students apply as well to LL.M. students.
  2. Law students whose native language is not English and who have no previous study experience of at least one year in the English language shall be granted additional time for written examinations. The additional time shall be 20 minutes per regular exam hour.
  3. Professors shall grade LL.M. candidates on the same basis as J.D. candidates.
  4. Prior to the last day of a semester, LL.M. candidates may elect to receive "Satisfactory"/ "Unsatisfactory" grade in one or more graded courses.
  5. Upon completing the LL.M. program, LL.M. candidates may elect to have their entire transcript converted to "Satisfactory"/"Unsatisfactory" grading.
  6. For purposes of the conversions in paragraphs D and E, all courses for which a J.D. candidate would receive credit will be converted as a "Satisfactory" grade.
  7. In exceptional cases, the dean may authorize use of a grading system other than those specified in subsections 6.3C, D, E and F.