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2.3 Examination Procedures

  1. All examinations are governed by the honor system. See paragraph 2.4.
  2. Blue-covered examination answer booklets will be supplied by the Law School. Students may not bring any blue books into the examination room and may not take any blue books out of the examination room.
  3. Students may not bring any written material into the examination room unless (l) the instructor announces otherwise in advance, and (2) the instructions on the examination paper state that students may refer to written materials during the examination.
  4. In order to permit timely distribution of examination materials, students must be seated in the examination room at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination.
  5. Examinations are identified by an anonymous number system. Students shall write their examination number on each of their answer booklets and on their question sheets; and shall not write their names on either. Answer booklets shall be labeled serially, i.e., "Book 1 of 2, Book 2 of 2," etc. Students shall not write anything else until the administrator tells students to start the examination.
  6. Students are permitted to write their examination answers on a computer in the examination room under rules and restrictions established by the dean.
  7. Students who leave the room during the examination may not take their question sheets or answer booklets with them.
  8. Except as stated above, students shall not begin to write until the administrator tells the students to start. When the administrator announces that the time is up, students must stop writing immediately even if in mid-sentence. Answer booklets and question sheets shall be placed one inside the next and turned in immediately to the administrator. The administrator will not accept the answer booklets of students who violate these time rules; such students must turn them in at the dean's office where the violation will be noted on the cover of the answer booklets. If a student violates these time rules, the instructor must lower the grade by the amount the instructor deems justified in the circumstances.
  9. After receiving the grade in a course, a student may look over the final examination. Final examinations are kept on file for one year; after one year they are destroyed unless the instructor or the dean directs otherwise.