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418 Environs Editor (1-2)

Environs is a biannual environmental law and policy journal that provides an open forum for the discussion of current environmental issues, particularly those pertaining to the state of California. Grading is on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. The following student positions comprise the enrollment of this journal:

  • Editor in Chief: 1 position, 2 units per semester. Position may be held by the same person for both semesters, or a different person each semester. If there are two Editors in Chief, they have to decide who takes the units in the fall and who takes the units in the spring. They cannot be split each semester.
  • Managing Editor: 2 positions, 1 unit per year (will perform work both semesters, but receive credit only one semester)
  • Executive Editor: 8 positions, 1 unit per semester

This course was offered: