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285A California Environmental Issues (2)

Discussion - 2 hours. May satisfy Advanced Writing Requirement with professor's permission. The "nation-state" of California has for many years been a national and global leader in environmental law and policy. This seminar course will provide a survey of key California environmental law and policy issues. Policy issues include the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); coastal planning and regulation; renewable energy law and policy; California's leadership role regarding the law of global warming/climate change; property rights and the environment; the ecosystem crisis affecting the California Delta; the public trust doctrine; and environmental federalism (i.e., the respective California and federal roles in environmental regulation). A special feature of this course will be a number of guest speakers on the above topics, including practicing environmental attorneys, judges, policymakers and non-legal experts(e.g., scientists and economists.) The course grade for this class will be based primarily on a student paper, in lieu of a final exam. If suitable arrangements can be made, the class will include one or more field trips to bring students into direct contact with the resources being studied.

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