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274B Trade Secrets (2)

Lecture - 2 units.  This course focuses on the law of trade secrets, including the Defend Trade Secret Act (DTSA), the Uniform Trade Secret Act (UTSA), restrictive covenants and covenants not to compete, current case law developments, and overlap between trade secret laws and employment laws.  There is also discussion of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and computer forensics. No technical background is required.

Prerequisites: 274 Intellectual Property or instructor consent is required. Prior coursework in Property, Torts, Evidence and Contracts is recommended.

Final Assessment: Exam
Classroom Policies (Professor is expected to elaborate on syllabus):
  • This course has an attendance policy.
  • This course has a participation policy. 

This course was offered:

  • Fall 2017
    • Kurt Kappes
  • Fall 2015
    • Kurt Kappes
  • Spring 2015
    • Kurt Kappes
  • Fall 2013
    • Kurt Kappes