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274 Intellectual Property (3)

Discussion - 3 hours. This course provides a broad survey of intellectual property law.  Areas covered include trade secrets, patents, copyright, and trademark.  We will examine legal doctrine as well as the theories and policies animating the intellectual property system.  In exploring these topics, we will frequently consider the challenges posed by recent technological advances and Internet-based media distribution.  No technical background is required.

Classroom Policies: This course has a participation policy.
Final Assessment:

This course was offered:

  • Fall 2020
  • Spring 2020
    • Talha Syed
  • Spring 2019
    • Talha Syed
  • Spring 2018
    • Mario Biagioli
  • Spring 2016
    • Mario Biagioli
  • Spring 2015
    • Mario Biagioli
  • Spring 2014
    • Mario Biagioli