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265 Natural Resources Law Seminar (2)

Seminar - 2 hours. This seminar is devoted to in-depth coverage of various state and federal environmental laws and their relationship to federal constitutional principles that are increasingly invoked by regulated persons and business groups to block, narrow or invalidate the application of those environmental laws. Constitutional principles we’ll be examining in an environmental setting include the Supremacy Clause (federal preemption); the Takings Clause (private property rights); the scope of federal authority under the Commerce Clause; Dormant Commerce Clause principles; the Privileges & Immunities Clause; and the Foreign Affairs Doctrine and Treaty Clause. These related seminar topics will include integrated study and analysis of legal, policy, scientific and governance issues affecting the natural resources in question.

Elective course for Environmental Certificate Program.
285 Environmental Law or 256 Land Use Planning are recommended but not required.
Final Assessment: Final Paper

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