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265 Natural Resources Law Seminar (2)

Seminar - 2 hours. This seminar is devoted to in-depth coverage of two foundational principles of natural resources law: the public trust doctrine and private property rights protected under the "Takings Clause" of the U.S. and many state Constitutions with a particular focus on how those principles affect the allocation of water resources in California and the American West. The course will introduce students to the general principles underpinning both the public trust doctrine and the Takings Clause, before concentrating on their application to Western water law and policy. These related, seminar topics will include integrated study and analysis of legal, policy, scientific and governance issues affecting the natural resources in question. The class will be open to graduate students in ecology as well as law students. If suitable arrangements can be made, the class will include one or more field trips to bring students into direct contact with the resources being studied.

Elective course for Environmental Law Certificate Program.
Prerequisite: 285 Environmental Law or 256 Land Use Planning recommended.

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