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260A Employment Law (3)

Discussion - 3 hours.  This course provides an overview of employment law, labor law and employment discrimination law and aims to serve as a foundation for understanding the law and policy (statutory and common law) that surround the employer-employee relationship.   Rather than focusing on the various statutes that govern workplace relationships, this course is organized topically around the areas that tend to create tensions between employer and employee interests.   The course will focus on the interests of the parties as much or more than their legal rights as they currently exist in the law.  The questions we focus on in this course include the following:How should law mediate conflicts between employer and employee rights?What is the significance of constructing disputes as individual versus collective? What is the effect of increasing racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the workplace on law and policy? Is law the most effective way of mediating employer and employee interests?  What is the role of organizing, self-help efforts, and other employee initiatives?

Final Assessment: Exam

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