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241 Voting Rights Seminar (2)

Seminar - 2 hours. This seminar investigates the right to vote as a matter of constitutional and statutory law, with particular emphasis on the voting rights of racial and ethnic minorities.  Along the way we will learn about the formulation of arguments during periods of legal change, and about how social scientific evidence gets used in civil rights litigation.   This is a challenging and exiting area of law.  As you probably have heard, the U.S. Supreme Court recently enjoined enforcement of the capstone provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans in the nation’s statehouses have been enacting numerous reforms to the voting process, with Democrats generally pushing same-day registration, early voting, and other measures designed to make voting more convenient, and Republicans promoting identification requirements for voting and registration.  Some of these laws have or are expected to have disparate partisan and racial impacts.

Graduation Requirements: May meet Advanced Writing Requirement with the instructor's permission.

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