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Taxation Law

Taxation Law Courses - Faculty Recommendations

Corporate Tax **

Estate Planning Seminar

Estate and Gift Taxation

Federal Income Taxation *
Note: This course assumes students have no prior coursework in taxation.

International Aspects of U. S. Taxation **

Life-Cycle Transactions and Drafting

Nonprofit Organizations and Drafting

Nonprofit Organizations: State and Local Governance Issues

Nonprofit Organizations: Tax Exemptions, Pension and Employee Benefit Law

State and Local Taxation

Tax and Distributive Justice Seminar

Taxation of Partnerships & Limited Liability Corporations **

Taxation Law Faculty

Professors Lewis, Shanske, and Ventry.

Note: The above recommendations are made by the Taxation Law Faculty and not the Law Faculty as a whole.


* Basic Core

Core taxation law courses identified as essential by the taxation law faculty for all J.D. students (preferably taken in the second year).

** Expanded Core

Core taxation law courses (in addition to the Basic Core above and additional taxation law courses as schedules permit) recommended by the taxation law faculty for students interested in tax law practices (transactional or litigation).

Professional Responsibility is an essential course in all disciplines. It provides the "rules of the road" that lawyers must follow, regardless of their area of expertise.