Perkins Coie 1L Diversity Fellowship

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Our firm is committed to the growth and development of legal communities that accurately reflect the rich diversity of our communities. Since 1991 we have been pleased to offer fellowships to first year law students from a diversity of backgrounds. The fellowships provide students a $15,000 academic scholarship and a paid summer associate position immediately following the completion of their first year of law school.

Our definition of diversity is broad and encompasses race, gender, ethnicity, those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or of a transgender experience, as well as those of differing social, religious or economic backgrounds, or those who may be underrepresented or perceived to be underrepresented within the law school community or the legal profession. If you feel that you are diverse in one or more of these ways, or in another way, please apply and share your unique story with us.

Candidates should only apply to the office in the city where you genuinely would like to live and start your practice as an entry-level attorney. Candidates may apply to one office only but may apply for more than one fellowship in that office (for example, you may apply for both the Diversity Fellowship and the Patent Fellowship in one office if you qualify for both).

Applications will be accepted through our web portal.

A paid position as a Perkins Coie summer associate plus a $15,000 stipend.
Application Period
September 1, 2020-January 10, 2021
January 9, 2022

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