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The Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Project provides law students the extraordinary opportunity to work in the consumer protection departments of state and territorial Offices of Attorneys General and other consumer protection agencies, including the National Association of Attorneys General and the Attorney General' Office of the District of Columbia, throughout the United States. The eight to ten-week paid Fellowships were initiated in 2004 by the ABA Antitrust Law Section, in cooperation with the National Association of Attorneys General, as a consumer protection outreach initiative to introduce law students to the rewards of legal careers in public service.

Fellowship Guidelines

Each Fellowship is part of the Consumer Protection Outreach Initiative of the ABA Antitrust Law Section. Students will be placed in the Consumer Protection Departments of each state/territory/agency office and at least 50% of each student' time may be devoted to consumer protection matters. The remainder of each student' time, at the option of each site, may be devoted to antitrust matters.

In order to be eligible for a Janet D. Steiger Fellowship, applicants must currently be a first or second-year law student at an ABA accredited law school. Each Steiger Fellow will receive a gross stipend of $6,000 for a specified 8 or 10 week period and will be responsible for all taxes and other required deductions. Please note that the Steiger Project in its discretion offers an optional small supplemental housing/travel allowance (administered through the American Bar Association) where a clear need is demonstrated.


November 20, 2021

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