Professor Ziegler Weighs in for Premier Media Outlets About Her New Book, Roe 50th Anniversary

In the leadup to the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling on Jan. 22 and the publication of her new book Roe: The History of a National Obsession (Yale University Press) on Jan. 24, Professor Mary Ziegler spoke to or wrote opinion pieces for several prominent media outlets.

Ziegler spoke to host Terry Gross about her book, the Roe anniversary, the Dobbs decision and the future of reproductive rights in the United States as the featured guest on the Jan. 17 episode of NPR's “Fresh Air.” Ziegler also spoke to “Here & Now”’s Deepa Fernandes for a Jan. 20 report on the Roe anniversary.

Ziegler wrote a Jan. 22 op-ed for the Los Angeles Times headlined “50 years post-Roe, who can predict what abortion access will look like in another 50?” and a piece for the Boston Globe headlined “As its 50th anniversary looms, Roe v. Wade still matters.”

The New York Times quoted Ziegler on Jan. 19 about abortion opponents’ post-Roe strategies, and on Jan. 21 about how, in practice, few exceptions for abortion bans are granted. USA Today quoted Ziegler in a Jan. 19 story about abortion rights advocates’ plans to mark the first Roe anniversary since the 1973 ruling was overturned. Ziegler spoke to the Washington Post for a Jan. 20 report on abortion foes’ 2023 March for Life.

In recent days, Ziegler also, among other appearances in national media outlets, wrote a commentary for CNN and spoke to Vice News about issues related to the post-Roe abortion rights debate.

Mary Ziegler is an expert on the law, history, and politics of reproduction, health care, and conservatism in the United States from 1945 to the present. She is one of the world’s leading historians of the U.S. abortion debate.

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