Professor Pruitt Talks to Guardian About Nevada County Recall Efforts

Professor Lisa R. Pruitt spoke to the Guardian for a Feb. 20 story about efforts to unseat five Nevada County supervisors over their support for public health measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the story.

The efforts come on the heels of a successful recall in Shasta County of Supervisor Leonard Moty, a moderate Republican and former police chief.

“I can’t help but believe that had we not been in such a fractured political moment, the pandemic might not have become so political, and people might not have responded in such emotionally charged ways,” Pruitt told the Guardian. The phenomenon can be seen across the United States, she said.

Lisa R. Pruitt, Martin Luther King Jr. Professor at UC Davis School of Law, is a scholar whose recent work explores the legal relevance of rural spatiality, including how it inflects dimensions of gender, race, and ethnicity. Pruitt's work also considers rural-urban difference in transnational and international contexts.