Professor Lee Speaks to Business Insider About Model Morton's Copyright Suit Against Twitter

Professor Peter Lee was quoted in a Sept. 19 Business Insider story about Sports Illustrated model Genevieve Morton’s allegations of copyright infringement against Twitter.

Morton claims Twitter induced copyright infringement, in part by utilizing an AI-based algorithm to modify her photos, which Twitter users then posted without authorization.

Lee noted that for Morton to prevail, she would have to prove that Twitter “clearly fostered inducement, which is something that most social media platforms do not do." He went on to observe, “The twist here, however, has to do with the allegation that Twitter's algorithm deliberately altered Ms. Morton's images. If Twitter did this to allow such images to elude automated searches for infringing material and to induce infringement, then it's possible that Twitter could face liability for infringement." Read the story.

Professor Lee's scholarly work addresses the intersection of science and society, particularly exploring the patent system's impact on scientific and technological progress.




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