Professor Lee Presents Works in Progress at Boston University, NYU

Professor Peter Lee recently presented a forthcoming article at a workshop at Boston University School of Law. The paper, “Patent Law’s Asymmetry,” explores patent law’s ability to internalize positive externalities but not negative externalities from technological innovation. The article will be published later this year in the Cardozo Law Review.

Additionally, Lee recently presented a work in progress at the Innovation Policy Colloquium at New York University School of Law. Titled “COVID-19 Vaccines, Technical Disclosure, and Public-Private Quid Pro Quos,” the piece examines a variety of ways in which public entities can promote greater disclosure of technical knowledge by private innovators. The piece is a chapter from a forthcoming book, Intellectual Property, COVID-19, and the Next Pandemic: Diagnosing Problems, Developing Cures (Cambridge University Press, 2022).

Peter Lee teaches and writes in the field of intellectual property law, particularly focusing on patent law, innovation, and technology transfer.

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