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Design Guidelines

Graphic Standards for the UC Davis School of Law ensure that your publication conforms with other school publications and help reinforce the School's visual identity. All print and electronic publications for both internal and external audiences must follow these guidelines.

School Name: who are we?

In formal pieces (invitations and commencement materials, for example) and in first reference in other publications for off-campus audiences, particularly those not familiar with the Law School, use the school's complete name: UC Davis School of Law. The standard hierarchy for name use is as follows:

  • First Reference: UC Davis School of Law
  • Second Reference: UC Davis Law School, UC Davis Law, School of Law, Law School
  • Example: At UC Davis School of Law, you will learn from nationally and internationally distinguished faculty.... Besides an exceptional curriculum and faculty, the School of Law offers a uniquely supportive atmosphere....

Use of King Hall

Use King Hall when (1) referring to the building, (2) it is part of the formal name of a program, or (3) referring to the community and philosophy of the school; however, use UC Davis School of Law as reference to the Law School.

Trademark Information

All variances of names and visual representations of the UC Davis School of Law and King Hall are considered trademarks. The University carefully manages their use. The marks include any trademark, service mark, name, logo, insignia, seal, design or other symbol or device associated with or referring to the UC Davis School of Law.

School of Law Logo

The School of Law full logo contains both the graphic mark and the word mark as illustrated below under Reproduction of Logo. Always use the full logo, both graphic mark and word mark, on all printed material. You must request approval to use the graphic mark and/or word mark separately.

The Graphic Mark

King Hall Graphic MarkThe UC Davis School of Law logo is a book radiating light. It represents the importance of legal scholarship throughout the world. Legal scholarship sustains and builds communities, unites individuals, and challenges and supports governments. Knowledge is truly powerful and is a vital part of the political, economic, and social fabric of the world. The book represents legal knowledge, and the light represents the benefits to society when that legal knowledge is put to use. The UC Davis School of Law believes in rigorous legal scholarship, excellence in education, and educating students to become leaders in their community and socially responsible lawyers committed to professional excellence and high ethical standards.

Reproduction of Logo

Colored and Grayscale LogosThe logo and wordmark should be reproduced from an authorized copy only and should not be redrawn, reproportioned, rotated or modified in any way. It may only be reproduced in the authorized colors and in grey scale or black and white. The logo placement is to the left of the word mark. The logo is never to be placed to the right of the word mark.

Authorized Colors

The colors for University of California campuses and the School of Law are blue and gold. At UC Davis, the preferred hues are PMS 295 blue and PMS 132 gold.

Do Not Distort Logos and Wordmarks

When reducing or enlarging logos and marks in your page-layout or word-processing program, you must do so proportionally (the same percentage in both height and length). Do not change color combinations provided in authorized copy. Do not change solid color or tint or add patterns.

Bad modifications to Logo Do not distort logo.
Do not rotate logo.
Do not add or change colors.
Do not use old logo.

King Hall Word MarkKing Hall Word Mark

The King Hall word mark is available for use on publications(electronic and print) with prior approval from the Office of Marketing and Public Relations at the School of Law - see contact information below. It is to be used in conjunction with the School of Law logo on all publications. The King Hall word mark may not be used in place of the School of Law logo. The School of Law logo must be the primary or most visible logo. The King Hall word mark may be used with more color variations and may be used as a watermark or shadow as appropriate.

School of Law Student Organizations

UC Davis School of Law logos are available to registered law student organizations with prior approval. In most cases, the name of the student organization must precede "UC Davis School of Law," separated by the word "at" to indicate the organization is at UC Davis School of Law and the material is not officially produced by the School or the University. Example: Christian Legal Society at UC Davis School of Law

Contact Information for Logo and Word Mark Approval and Files

The UC Davis School of Law logos are available online from the Marketing Office. To request electronic files of the School's trademarked logos, please contact Sam Sellers at or 530.754.5334. Note: Use of logos on clothing or merchandise require prior approval by the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, 530.754.5328,, and the University Licensing Office.


Typography provides the framework for the content of the school’s printed communications. Two fonts have been selected for maximum flexibility: a highly legible serif font for body text, Berkeley Oldstyle, and a sans serif display face, Futura. The two fonts—along with their complete families of light and bold, roman and italic—are recommended for all publications. Note that Berkeley Oldstyle Medium—not Berkeley Book—is the preferred font for text sizes (9–12 point type).


Berkeley Oldstyle, 12 point
Berkeley Oldstyle italic
Berkeley Oldstyle bold
Berkeley Oldstyle bold italic
Berkeley Oldstyle black
Berkeley Oldstyle black italic
Futura, 12 point
Futura oblique
Futura heavy
Futura heavy oblique
Futura extra bold
Futura extra bold oblique
Futura condensed light
Futura condensed light oblique
Futura condensed
Futura condensed oblique
Futura condensed bold
Futura condensed bold oblique
Futura condensed extra bold
Futura condensed extra bold oblique

If you do not have these fonts on your computer, contact Information Technology at