Summer & Post-Grad Access to Westlaw, Lexis & Databases

Can you use your law school Lexis and Westlaw accounts for summer and post-grad work? Below is information about permitted use of your accounts, as well as additional databases available through Mabie Law Library.

Contact us with any questions about summer access, post-grad access, or any research-related questions at


Summer Access:

Students may use their law school Westlaw accounts during the summer for non-commercial research only. 

After Graduation:

Graduating students have free access to Westlaw Precision for an additional 6 months from the date of graduation. Graduate Elite access gives you 60 hours per month for unpaid, non-commercial usage. To obtain this access, sign up for the Westlaw Graduate Elite Program here: 


Summer Access:

Students have free use of their law school Lexis+ ID this summer. This includes workplace-related research, though students should check with their employer. Many employers prefer summer associates use an employer-issued Lexis ID. No special registration is required for summer access. Please note that Public Records cannot be used for employment purposes. 

After Graduation:

Spring graduates will be able to continue using their law school Lexis+ ID through December 2024. No registration is required. Public records are excluded.

Bloomberg Law

Summer Access:

Current students have unlimited access to Bloomberg Law during the summer and can use the platform for any purpose.

After Graduation:

Bloomberg Law provides graduates with unlimited access for six months following graduation.


Summer Access:

Use of both CEB OnLAW and CEB's AccessLaw program is unrestricted over the summer.

After Graduation:

Graduates with a CEB AccessLaw account will keep their access for 18 months after graduation. Students must sign up for CEB AccessLaw accounts by May 31 to obtain graduate access. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. CEB practice materials are frequently used in California and cover a wide range of subject areas.

Sign up for a personal account through CEB's AccessLaw program:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select UC Davis School of Law and enter this unique code: DVX24 (valid until May 31, 2024)

Other Databases

Continuing students have full access over the summer to online law library resources, such as HeinOnline.